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Leasing Brokers:

Want to earn $100,000 - $1,000,000 commissions and receive free equity in commercial deals?

Stop Leaving So Much Extra Money On The Table…

Send us off-market, value-add deals with the possibility to purchase, get paid commission anywhere from $100,000 - $1,000,000 at closing depending on the purchase price, and receive free equity in the deal, contributing to your personal creation of wealth.

How It Works


Send Us A Deal


We Buy It


You Get Paid

Grow Your Wealth Using None Of Your Own Money

Send us value-add, off-market deals with the possibility to close and build wealth in the following ways:

  • $100,000 - $1,000,000 Commission

  • Receive Free Equity In The Deal

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We Care About Building Long-Term Relationships

If you're reading this, we want you to be in our circle of great leasing brokers.

Meet "The Value Add Boys"

Buddy Dillenberg Quantity Capital

Buddy Dillenberg

Logan Forsyth

  • Collective $400mm of successful commercial real estate acquisitions, sales, and development since 2010 

  • Fast closings with true certainty of close 

  • "Turnaround Specialists" with landlord-neglected commercial properties

  • We give leasing brokers free equity and pay top-of-market commissions

  • Experience educating and coaching thousands of investors on commercial real estate

  • On a mission to scale to a $100B portfolio and improve communities across the nation

Our Deal Criteria

Acquisition Criteria

  • Asset types

    • Retail

    • Office

    • Flex

    • Industrial

    • Multifamily

  • Below replacement cost​
  • $8-100mm average deal size

    • We will go larger or smaller if returns justify

  • Above average in-place cap rate

  • 1980s or newer construction

  • Ability to substantially increase NOI within 2 years

Value-Add Strategies May Include...

  • Improving lease types to NNN from gross, modified gross, single net, or double net

  • Rehab / deferred maintenance / "problem" properties

  • Below market rents

  • Dead space to be repurposed

  • Existing cell towers on the roof to be sold

  • Billboard signage opportunity

  • Big lot to carve off development pad(s)

  • Mismanaged properties

  • Shorter lease terms in high-demand submarkets

  • Capital projects to improve the project and create value for the tenants

  • Opportunity for extending lease terms

  • Owner-user properties for sale with gross or modified gross leases

  • Leasing of vacant space

  • Opportunity to outparcel existing credit tenants

  • Large parking ratios

Demographic Criteria (Nationwide)

  • Increasing population growth / In the path of progress (Ex: Georgetown is in the path of progress from Austin, TX)

  • Any market size, from primary to tertiary, but locations and demand dynamics must be strong

  • $60,000+ median household income within 3-mile radius or 40k+ VPD

  • Diverse employment base

  • Not reliant on any single educational institution, employer, or government/military facility

  • Submarket occupancy of at least 90%


Q: How does it work?

A: Send us off-market, value-add deals with potential to purchase. Once we close, we will help you double-end the deal (getting paid commission on both sides of the transaction), pay you $100,000 - $1,000,000 depending on the purchase price, and give you free equity in the deal to accelerate your personal creation of wealth.

Q: What kind of properties do you purchase?

A: We purchase value-add properties in retail, office, flex, industrial, and multifamily that can be acquired at a great price (ideally 30% discount to market) with existing positive cash flow and an average deal size range of $8mm - $100mm. To see more specific criteria on what we look for, click here.

Q: Where do you purchase properties?

A: We purchase properties nationwide from primary to tertiary markets that are established or experiencing population growth and have an average household income within a 3-mile radius of $60,000 or more.

Q: Why should I work with you?

A: We put our utmost effort toward efficiently maximizing the performance of commercial properties while giving you and your team an incredible experience through the process. We also want to pay you more than any other investor. Our goal is for you to substantially grow your wealth with us with none of your own money by identifying and helping us close great off-market commercial opportunities.

Our Mission Is To Build A $100B Portfolio.

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