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Bankruptcy Attorneys, Receivers, & Trustees:

Want to earn frequent $100,000+ fees with no extra time spent?

Stop Leaving So Much Extra Money On The Table…

Anytime you receive a bankruptcy case with a purchasable commercial real estate asset, send it to us and earn a minimum $100,000 payout or 5% of the asset price, whichever is greater, when we close on the deal.

Dramatically increase your earnings with no extra time or risk.

We pay extremely generous fees to bankruptcy attorneys, trustees, and receivers in any of the following ways:

  • $100,000 Finder's Fee

  • Free Equity In The Deal

  • 5% Of The Purchase Price

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We Care About Building Long-Term Relationships

If you're reading this, we want you to be in our circle of great bankruptcy contacts.

Meet "The Value Add Boys"

Buddy Dillenberg Quantity Capital
Logan Forsyth Quantity Capital

Buddy Dillenberg

Logan Forsyth

  • Collective $400mm of successful commercial real estate acquisitions, sales, and development since 2010 

  • Fast closings with true certainty of close 

  • All investment capital is internal and does not require additional sign-offs

  • We aggressively compensate for bankrupt commercial opportunities with $100,000 fees or 5% of the asset price, whichever is greater

  • Experience educating and coaching thousands of investors on commercial real estate

  • On a mission to scale to a $100B portfolio and improve communities across the nation

How It Works


Send Us A Deal


We Buy It


You Get Paid


Q: How does it work?

A: Once you come across a purchasable commercial bankruptcy asset, simply send it over to us, we'll evaluate it, and if the numbers make sense, we'll purchase it. After we close on the deal, you receive a minimum $100,000 finder's fee or 5% of the asset price, whichever is greater.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: Once we close on a deal you send us, you will get paid a minimum $100,000 fee or 5% of the asset price, whichever is greater. We also offer free optional equity in each deal you send us that we close on.

Q: What kind of deals do you purchase?

A: When it comes to bankruptcy deals, we will evaluate any type of commercial real estate deal at any price anywhere in the nation.

Q: What's the catch?

A: There is no catch. We are very serious about building long-term relationships with bankruptcy professionals who keep us first in line as investors when sending over commercial real estate assets, and strongly believe in paying generous compensation for this service. When it comes to purchasing assets, we close fast with certainty and have significant capital sources to move on any deal at any size up to $100mm.

Our Mission Is To Build A $100B Portfolio.

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